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  • feautre

    Classic Mode

    The genuine gameplay mode! Destroy the different color zombies and save the citiziens.

  • feautre

    Quick Mode

    Do you only want to kill without caring about people? This is your mode! Just try to be the fastest!.

  • feautre

    Survival Mode

    Our favourite mode! You only have to avoid the zombies reaches the center citizien. But take care! The zombies are coming faster!

  • feautre

    Multiplayer Mode

    Show your friends who are the fastest fingers! Two zones, two players, lot of zombies. ENJOY!

  • feautre


    Do you have Z-points? Do you want to spend them? Do you need extra lifes? This is the place!.

  • feautre

    Game Center

    Are you sure that you are the best? Just show it! Beat everyone and be the leader of our Game Center's leaderboards!.